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Author's Note

How ecstatic! Oh! How lovely it feels! As you, my dear Reader, flip over the pages of my book. Indeed that the fiction of my mind should be of interest to you is the greatest gift that Providence could bestow. Blessed am I ! For there are so many great masterpieces published by celebrated writers. And yet I have a patron in this galaxy of shining stars, legendary novelists! This is a debt that I cannot repay by any means.

I had obsessed over my first novel 'An Adolescent Mind' for a long time. Yet I must confess my partiality to my second book 'True colors of Love', which is particularly close to my heart. Yes, it is my child! A child, it is said, is the reflection of it's parent. And I must admit, I love my own reflection in all it's colors. This is a kind of self-love, narcissism without doubt. And I pray that the reader will forgive me for being such a compulsive one. It comes so easily and I find myself so beautiful in a novel with all the shades of grey and the dark side in my character. I guess it is in my nature. It is Shankar self-revealed! Although it may not have been my intention when I began writing. For in my excitement to tell a story I ended up revealing myself.

I wish that reading the novel is as much a cherished experience as I enjoyed writing it. Without taking too much of your precious time and to get down to the pleasurable occupation of reading I beg to take leave.

Your's truly,
I.R. Shankar
Spokane Valley, WA.
July 11, 2010